Dynamic Front Press Release

The 56th Artillery Command conducted Dynamic Front 23 from March 13 to April 5, 2023, at Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany, and Oksboel Training Area, Denmark.
More than 1,700 military personnel from 18 countries, including Germany, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Kosovo, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, France, United Kingdom, Türkiye, Spain, and the United States, trained throughout the European region.
Dynamic Front 23 launched a training mission of synchronized command and fires planning, maneuvering through a complex landscape of assembly area operations, artillery acumen, and live firing drills. The objective is to ensure that NATO forces are equipped with the capability to execute lethal fire support in wide-area ground combat across Europe.
“Dynamic Front 23 is a complex and sophisticated artillery interoperability exercise conducted in Europe,” said 56th Artillery Command, Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Stephen Maranian. “With 18 nations participating it will include artillery, air, and naval gunfire with participants arrayed from Denmark in the north to Romania in the south. This year’s exercise will extend our logistics chains and exercise our communications systems, collectively demonstrating that our Alliance stands ready for any challenge, anywhere, and at any time.”
Promoting understanding, collaboration, and interoperability between partner nations, Dynamic Front 23 contributed significantly to regional stability and security by improving the ability of allied forces to operate together effectively in times of crisis or conflict. 

Please send media inquiries to the 56th Artillery Command Public Affairs Office at: usarmy.wiesbaden-germany.56-atry-cmd.mbx.pao@army.mil.

Video by Scott Sturkol
106th Engineer Detachment Soldiers drill holes for explosives on troop project at Fort McCoy, Part 2
Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office
June 12, 2024 | 1:19
Soldiers with the 106th Engineer Detachment (Quarry) of the Wisconsin National Guard work on drilling holes into a hill with sandstone June 7, 2024, at Fort McCoy, Wis., as part of a troop project. The engineers coordinated the special demolition project to complete a quarry-like dynamite operation on a hill at the installation. Soldiers with the 106th completed the demolition in blasts on June 8-9, 2024. The work is part of a much larger troop project they're supporting that is turning the area into an operations support area in the future for contractors, and more. The 106th is one of six engineering units in the Army that is capable of completing quarry-like operations. (U.S. Army Video by Scott T. Sturkol/Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office)