About Us
The 2d Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF) is forward postured to synchronize and employ multi-domain fires (lethal and non-lethal) to achieve the supported Commander's strategic objectives by conducting operational preparation of the environment (OPE) during competition and by conducting integrated strikes across domains to shape, penetrate, and dis-integrate enemy A2/AD defenses in order to enable joint force freedom of action during conflict.

Headquartered in Mainz-Kastel, Germany, the 2d MDTF has more than 400 personnel assigned to it. Activated in 2021, the 2d MDTF is made up of an HHC, the 2d Multi-Domain Effects Battalion (MDEB), and 228th Brigade Support Company (BSC). The 2d MDEB is made up of a Signal Company, Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) Company, Military Intelligence Company (MICO), Space Company, and an HHC.

The 2d MDTF has three priorities in the European Theater: Sense and Understand the Operating Environment, Demonstrate Capability, and Synchronize with Partners.

The 2d MDTF accomplishes these priorities by executing multi-domain reconnaissance though intelligence fusion, enabling multi-domain targeting though support to the joint targeting cycle, and by synchronizing multi-domain operations with the integration of Ally and Partner capabilities.

The 2d MDTF is United States Army Europe & Africa’s primary ambassador to Europe and Africa for multi-domain operations. The 2d MDTF has provided advice and training to multiple NATO countries, participated in several exercises, and have spoken at multiple conferences across the Army and NATO.


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